Babes XIX - Winona Trees

Babes ‘N Hats is North America’s longest running Hat Tournament. Sign up, get drawn onto a team, get your T-Shirt and take part in the best tournament anywhere. Babes has players of all skill levels, from Newbies to Grizzled Vets. Great competition and lots of fun for everyone. Don’t miss out, space is limited.

Everyone gets games, a Team Shirt, Field Food, Sunday BBQ, Prizes and most importantly, a great seat for the Finals and the best Heckling in Vancouver. Unless you are unfortunate enough to be PLAYING in the finals.

Win KTs Cup (This year, it’s even bigger)! The only trophy worth winning in Ultimate.

This will come as a bit of a shock to some, but Babes ’N Hats registration has moved onto the VUL Web Site.

You can now register for the event here: