Past Winners

Babes XVIII - ChampsThe history of Babes ‘n Hats is long and storied. While the Stanley Cup is often cited as the hardest trophy in sport to win, in reality it is the honour of hoisting KT’s Cup which requires the most effort, stamina, and resiliency to heckling. Many fewer have ever earned the right to taste modestly priced sparkling wine from KT’s Cup than have sipped from Lord Stanley’s. The names of the winning teams, enshrined in Babes history, can be gazed at below.

Past Winning Teams

Year Winning Team Colour
1993 – Babes ‘N Hats Aqua Velva Turquoise
1994 – Hats off 2 Babes Urination Yellow
1995 – Babes Hat Trick The Wall Brick
1996 – Babes Four Play Gined and Jaded Jade
1997 – Babes ‘N Hats Volunteers Pickup Bricks Brick
1998 – Babes SixPack Golden Shower Gold
1999 – Seven on the Line Aubergine Egg Plant
2000 – Magic Eight Ball Blue Balls Steel Blue
2001 – Nine Lives Flesh Merchants Natural
2002 – eXclusive Hot House Buds Kelly Green
2003 – Goes up to 11 Doping Scandal Gold
2004 – Dirty Dozen Da Man White
2005 – Unlucky Thirteen The New Blue Orange
2006 – Fourteen Legs …and the Coconut Lime
2007 – Stop the Madness Baja Rose Pink
2008 – Barely Legal Sea-Men Navy
2009 – Robot Death Cup Nibs Red
2010 – Olympics Tickle Me Elmo Red
2011 – Baby Menace Grimace Purple
2012 – Dos Babes Rossa Innominnati Red
2013 – Third Decade Jungle Juice Dance Party Navy
2014 – Still Baby’ing Dirty Hose Mud